The southern and smallest landmass, made of a dozen continents and collectively known as Cra'awrios, is the absolute center of magical study within Vennar. Magic is what holds the fractal continents of Cra'awrios together, magic is what breathes life into the barren wastes of its southern tundra, magic is what gives the landmass its very purpose. Without magic Cra'awrios is, for all intents and purposes, a barren and shattered wasteland.

     The largest centers of magical study are located within the southern landmass. The longest mountain range houses the largest collection of knowledge in the world in the form of the Library Dekarist, lovechild and life's work of Dekarist Threadweaver, the last archmage known to live in modern times. The city of Dhihar stands as the prime academic capital of the world. Heirs to empires and kingdoms are sent to study within the halls of its greatest academies, while the city itself is the greatest example of magical architecture in modern times.

     Cra'awrios, for all its strides in magical study and practice, and for all its wealth, has its own troubles. Where the great prosper, the weak suffer. Slavery is the norm, with nearly every household owning a hereditary line of slaves, some unbroken for centuries. It is the law of all but the most enlightened lands that slavery is a life sentence, inescapable and permanent. The poor, while not necessarily subject to slavery, are largely tied to the land. Ancient customs are rarely questioned, and self-advancement is the chief concern of all. Many voices call out for change within the lands of Cra'awrios, but ancient customs are hard to forget. Harder still it is to convince the rich and powerful to forego power for the sake of others. Still, the voices grow louder, and may one day reach the ears of the higher councils.

     The lands of Cra'awrios are maintained in a state of eternal overabundance via magic. Without the constant tending and harvesting of the serfs tied to the land, the plant life would overtake the cities and blot out the sun. It is the nature of the great and powerful, however, to devour more than their fair share, and so the constant gluttony of the higher echelons of power keep the ever-growing wilds of the land at bay.