The Godwave Sea is the large body of water cradled within the southern coastline of Makhavireth. The sea comprises all water from the eastern coasts of the Coxani Archipelago to the western shores of the Tyraig Peninsula. The island bastion-nation of Senix is located within the Godwave Sea's northern waters and just south of the continent of Makha.

The Godwave Sea is one of the largest bodies of water classified as a sea, cradled as it is by the entire landmass of Makhavireth. The waters of the sea are very dangerous for sailors, holding dozens of undersea mountain ranges and small islands that disappear under the surface of the water with every tide. Only those experienced and knowledgeable of the sea itself are willing to sail her waters, and normally only at a very high price. Lurking within the waters, and calling many of the undersea mountain ranges and islands home are monstrous creatures of all sorts and sizes, only adding to the dangers.

The origin of the name Godwave is lost in myth. Many point to the Primordial War, when the primordials and dragons warred with one another, and the gods themselves walked the world, but any details to be found there are as lost as the primordials themselves.