Richest of the nine bastions of Makhavireth, the Kel'Korin Confederation is a union of several towns and villages, with a central governing power located within the city of New Tempest, a port city located upon the largest island near the center of the Confederation's home archipelago. Founded by several dozen trading, pirate, and mercenary fleets, the Confederation is the child of survival – Each of these fleets was led by a captain, or something like a captain, that put aside their pride for the sake of living and fighting another day against the threat of the Infernal legions. With the Infernals hot on their tails, the leaders of the Confederation signed a pact that unified the rival towns and cities of the Coxani Archipelago into a single government, and a new bastion and nation was born.

Fifty years after the founding of the Confederation, the young government is a force to be reckoned with. Holding the most powerful navy of the nine bastions, the Confederation has kept the naval trading routes of Makhavireth relatively safe from the Infernal legions, and greatly hampered the naval power of the Infernals as well. Though the landmass is still surrounded by an Infernal blockade broken only by the magics of the bastion of Senix, the coastlines and waterways closer to home are almost safe for the average sailor.

With naval power at their backs, the leaders of the Confederation have turned their attentions to mercantile efforts and problems at home. The Confederation is rife with crime and piracy, owing such to its routes at least partly in entire pirate fleets. With the strongest of the founding fleets being those of a pirate nature, crime has been a serious problem for the young government, and is unlikely to be cleansed any time soon, being as it is in the highest courts of the land.

Various towns and villages dot the islands along the Coxani Archipelago, trading and fighting among themselves but owing loyalty to the protecting government within New Tempest, and even the bitterest of enemy towns will ally together against any Infernal attack, no matter the circumstance. With such rivalry strengthening their men, and such staunch hatred towards outer enemies, few believe the Confederation will fall to the Infernal legions in the foreseeable future. Far more likely it would be for the archipelago to fall to infighting or an enemy bastion with ambition grown too big for its own good.