The central bastion of the nine, Makhiren sits upon a system of multiple waterways fed by various rivers within the central continent of Makha, on the landmass of Makhavireth. Famous for its large number of bridges and its long history, Makhiren is the most powerful and the richest of the bastions. Once the seat of the last empire to rule the landmass, Makhiren is a powerful nation, bastion, and culture. Makhiren's palace was the first target of the invasion, soon overtaken by the Infernal legions and its royal family slain to the last child. Since then, Makhiren and its holdings have been ruled over by its military, namely the Lord General. The bastion boasts an incredibly powerful trading force, being the richest of the nine bastions and most easily accessible, with personal and mercenary naval fleets guarding its trading ports, and mercenary armies patrolling its highways.

The Lord General of Makhiren's military in theory leads only the military, but in practice has extended his influence to every branch of the bastion's government. The council that once ruled by the grace of the monarchy is now a mere puppet of the Lord General's, enacting law and order in his name. The merchant's guild owes protection of its assets and trading routes to the military, and thus is indebted in every way to the Lord General himself. The ports themselves, with the navy once independent of the Lord General and under the direct leadership of the Lord Admiral, is now led by a spineless coward who does the Lord General's bidding alone. Though while the man could certainly be called power hungry, he could not be called cruel – Few within the bastion go hungry, and the crime rate of the bastion is almost not worth mentioning. With all power consolidated under his command, the Lord General has led his bastion into an age of strength and power not seen under the Royal Family, and unknown since the age of the Empire. Indeed, the nobility of Makhiren are one of the few forces struggling against crowning the man as the new Emperor.