New Tempest is the capital city of the Kel'Korin Confederation in the Coxani Archipelago of southern Makhavireth. The second bastion in terms of power, the Kel'Korin Confederation uses New Tempest as the center of their mercenary and trade fleets, situated as it is near the center of the archipelago. The city's location grants easy access to the ocean and Godwave Sea and is easily fortified by the various fortresses dotting the archipelago.


The name New Tempest comes from the early history of the city, as a base of operations for the pirate lord Elias Whittaker's armada from around IDa 650 to IDa 735. The central building of the pirate's base was his decommissioned ship, the Tempest, and as the city changed from a pirate cove to a fully recognized city-state near the collapse of the empire, the city gained the name of New Tempest after the ship.


Early History

Before it was a base for piracy, the location that would become New Tempest was populated by scattered native tribal societies. Relying upon fishing, hunting, and foraging for food and without the use of agriculture, the tribal societies wandered through-out the archipelago with the future site of New Tempest being simply a more populated area and gathering place for multiple tribes.

Little is known about other historical facts when it comes to the archipelago as a whole, let alone the site of the modern city. Remains of dragons have been discovered that had died long before the arrival of the native tribes, and other such monstrous creatures, as well as evidence of great battles, but little else is known.

Pirate Base

With the arrival of Elias Whittaker, a powerful pirate lord, the Coxani Archipelago became a thoroughfare for privateers of all sorts, criminal or otherwise. Elias himself was a powerful man, with an armada rivaling the largest of the empire's under his control. Using his connections, he had obtained the legal rights to the island containing the future site of his stronghold, and built New Tempest up around it. Using his personal flag ship as the foundations of a central building, Elias Whittaker declared himself Lord of the Coxani, and used his armada to defend that title. He created a haven for sailors, pirates, and trading fleets, and within months the town of New Tempest rose up beneath him.

As Elias Whittaker aged, his dozens of bastards, legitimate children, and other family members began fighting for their inheritance, each holding a portion of the pirate lord's armada under their direct control, and each waging war with the others. When Elias finally passed, refusing to name a direct heir, the fighting grew immeasurably. The various siblings and half-siblings slaughtered each other indiscriminately and coupled with the collapse of the empire, the Coxani Archipelago became just another center of the War of False Gods.

When the fires of war died down decades after the passing of Verinas IV and Elias Whittaker, New Tempest was under the control of a third niece of Elias Whittaker, who pulled the city out of the ashes. Declaring herself Admiral Annabelle Kel'Korin and founding the sovereign state of New Tempest, she consolidated the power of her third uncle's trading and privateer empire under her own control, slaughtering any who resisted. Using harsh methods unrecorded through to the present day, Admiral Kel'Korin expanded her fledgling nation and ruined the reputation or life of those in her way, taking over nearly the entirety of the Coxani Archipelago.

Sovereign Nation

With the archipelago under a single banner New Tempest became a center for trade, mercenary work, and less savory practices more difficult to find in other lands. The archipelago's position on the safest route through the Godwave Sea, defensible location, and wealth in metallic and nonmetallic minerals, ensured its place as the top naval power on the Godwave Sea.