The Stronghold of Stondruic sits in the middle of the Orschtenvein Mountains, facing a massive river valley of incredible value and diversity of life. The stronghold gates are set upon the face of the mountain of the same name, and have withheld against all forces but the might of the Teluna Empire, now three hundred years dead. Freed from human control, the dwarves have once more closed themselves off into an almost solitary existence beneath the mountain, excepting trade and the occasional diplomatic visit. With the arrival of the infernal legions, and the destruction of most of civilization by their hands, Stondruic contemplates once more closing their city off entirely, and returning to the deepest pits of the earth.




Stondruic is ruled over by a council of judges, who determine the law based off of the will of the monarch, who rules at the behest of the people. The Stondruic government is a complicated and intricate weave of politics and legislature, dating back to the time the council overthrew the monarchy and declared the nation of dwarves subservient to the Teluna Empire. With the collapse of the empire, the monarchy reinstated itself with the support of the people, but acquiesces to the power of the council.



Native Races