Made of a single unbroken but varied continent and known simply as Vengehar, or Ven's Gift, the northeastern landmass is home to the most numerous and varied of sentient races of the big three. From the frozen lands of the north to the island lands of the south, from the marshes and mountain ranges of the east to the desert swathes of the west, Vengehar is the most colorful and diverse land in Vennar.

Vengehar is perhaps the most chaotic and ever changing land in Vennar, due in no small part to the diversity of life within. Collectively, the total number of sentient creatures within Vengehar equals no less than three quarters of all sentient creatures in the three landmasses. Due to such diversity, conflict and chaos are inevitable and the land has seen no lasting peace in over a thousand years – Not since the last great empire that conquered all Vengehar and ushered in a golden age leading to a jump in technology and understanding the likes of which has not been seen since.

Currently, Vengehar is under the control of more than two hundred kingdoms, seventy independent duchies, baronies, or earldoms, and three dozen city-states. This number changes at a constant rate, with kingdoms devouring their neighbors, city-states growing to new heights of power, or being wiped out overnight with little more than a whimper. Three empires exist, pockets of relative calm and ease in the insanity of daily life, each having carved out their own share of land with blood and deception.

With the matters of the day taken up by war and other struggles, few have taken proper notice of the growing power in the southeast. A young man of growing renown has managed to seize power in a previously unimportant duchy, and begun to conquer his immediate neighbors, gaining far more support for his claim to ancient titles than one of such unknown descent would normally have any right to. With such growing fame and power behind him, rumors circulate within the most hushed of whispers that the ancient empires of old are being reborn in modern times, and a new era of peace is on the horizon.

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