Age of Arcana is set within the world of Vennar, a massive hollow sphere rotating around a star at a distance similar to our earth, with the habitable lands of mortals lying upon the inner surface of the world. Vast oceans claim most of the surface area of Vennar, with continents and island chains sprawled out upon the massive expanse of this astronomical body. Several planets orbit the star within the confines of Vennar, with the largest acting as a major moon named Aejuna, gifted sentience as a goddess to the mortals of the world. A large half-sphere circles the star, anchored by Aejuna in its center, and gifting the surface of the world a reprieve from the star's energies as it rotates opposite the world's rotation itself, creating an artificial cycle of night and day.

     The three major landmasses of this world, similar to our own two, are made up of several continents. Makhavireth lies northwest in respect to the other two, and is made up of three continents - Makha, Vikar, and Rethil. Vengehar - Elven for Ven's Gift - lies to the east, connected to the great frozen lands of the northern magnetic pole, and made up of a single unbroken but varied continent. The smallest landmass lies far to the south and consists of a dozen continents of various sizes, independently unnamed but sharing the single identity of Cra'awrios.


     Makhavireth has a rich history as the birthplace of humanity, a major site of elven history, and holding the oldest and strongest surviving fortifications of the dwarves. The land is also the site of titanic battles of the ancients, long wars, the struggles of empires, and most recently the largest demonic invasion of mortal memory.

     The landmass that claims the birthplace of humanity began its long history as the home of a great dwarven clan, dwelling far beneath the crust of the planet and raising entire continents as they carved out and created their subterranean homes. If one delves deep enough, the highest caverns of the dwarves can be found, with riches older than even the elves themselves.

     The elves, in fact, also claim history with the landmass, their own ancient cities found scattered across its surface in the deepest woods and highest mountain peaks. Legends tell the greater deity Valorikan had his origins on the central continent, battling the primordial evils of the world so that his people may be freed of their tyranny.

     Reduced in recent years to a land of corruption and blasted horror, nine bastions stand in defiance of the Infernal power that scours the land, strong and proud in their defense of civilization. While a mere fraction of the population survives, mortals have begun to turn the tide against the forces arrayed against them, and wage bloody war against the powers that have ruined their lands and slaughtered their families.

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     Vengehar is home to the most numerous and varied of sentient races of all the three landmasses. From the frozen lands to the north, to the desert swathes of the west, the island lands to the south, to the marshes and mountain ranges of the east, Vengehar is the most colorful and diverse landmass of the three.

     Vengehar is perhaps the most chaotic and ever changing land in Vennar, due in no small part to the diversity of life within. Collectively, the total number of sentient creatures within Vengehar equals no less than three quarters of all sentient creatures in the three landmasses. Due to such diversity, conflict and chaos are inevitable, and the land has seen no lasting peace in over a thousand years, since the last great empire that conquered all Vengehar and ushered in a golden age leading to a jump in technology and understanding the likes of which has not been seen since.

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     Cra'awrios is the southern and smallest landmass, made of a dozen unnamed continents with a single idenifier, and is the absolute center of magical study within Vennar. Magic is what holds the fractal continents of Cra'awrios together, magic is what breathes life into the barren wastes of its southern tundra, magic is what gives the landmass its very purpose. Without magic Cra'awrios is, for all intents and purposes, a barren and shattered wasteland.

     The largest centers of magical study are located within the southern landmass. The longest mountain range houses the largest collection of knowledge in the world in the form of the Library Dekarist, lovechild and life's work of Dekarist Threadweaver, the last archmage known to live in modern times. The city of Dhihar stands as the prime academic capital of the world. Heirs to empires and kingdoms are sent to study within the halls of its greatest academies, while the city itself is the greatest example of magical architecture in modern times.

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