Based in Senix, the Watchers hold magic, as a protective tool, sacred. They do whatever must be done to resist the ever growing power of the infernals.

The watchers were started shortly after the collapse of the Teluna Empire, with its founders looking to curtail the rampant misuse of magic. Since that time the Watchers have changed from near-radical witchhunters to more of a secret police and spy network. Consisting mostly of magi, and based primarily in the bastion of Senix, they use powerful magical knowledge and skill to battle any and all threats to their homeland. The largest threat currently is the absolute domination of Makhavireth by the Infernal legions.


The Watchers were founded by a small cabal within the upper echelons of the Senix noble houses. Taking advantage of their strong position upon the new island nation and their impressive holdings in wealth and military assets, the cabal stretched out across the shattered empire in tendrils. The archmage Iyaad el-Sylla was elected leader of the group in IDa 752 and would lead the group to great heights of power and intrigue.




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